What is Whole Hair Health?

Whole Hair Health mitigates the multiple factors of weak, tired, aging, and fatigued hair as well as reverses the root causes of genetic hair loss with a comprehensive rejuvenate therapy that infuses the cells of the hair follicle, hair shaft, and scalp with revitalizing energy comprised of photonics (light energy) and magnet pulses (we call it HALO™). The result is an all natural treatment that maximizes the abundance, thickness, coverage, strength, and luster of a person’s hair.

Weak, Tired, Fatigued Hair and Normal Hair Loss

As we age, all the cells in our body start to slow down their metabolic rates, this includes the fasting growing cells in our body: our hair follicles. As such, there is a normal amount of hair loss and thinning that happens as part of the aging process. Of course, there are many variables to this including racial makeup, general health, illnesses, stress, nutrition, drug usage (prescribed or otherwise), and environment (pollution, climate, etc.). What this means is that just as DHT affects individual cells with receptors on them to produce less keratin, a lower metabolic rate in the hair follicle cells results in an overall deterioration in the quality, abundance, strength, and thickness in hair strands. Unlike genetic hair loss which is usually constrained to certain parts of the scalp, this malady affects all the hair follicles on your scalp. You may notice hair that easily breaks, or less luxurious hair, or flat hair, or just less luster and volume. Whatever it might be, it is caused by a decreased production of keratin and cuticle everywhere and a weakening of the cells comprising the hair follicle.

Closely related to weak or fatigued hair, is normal hair loss due in part to your hair follicles inability to produce any more keratin. Hair follicles that do not have enough energy stored within them to manufacture keratin, and will start to make less and less hair over an ever shrinking Anagen growth phase. The end result is a general loss or thinning of hair all over your head. Yes, aging is not pleasant.