The ManeGain Effect

So, what can you do if you have one of the hair conditions named earlier? First, we need to determine what camp you are in. The line of demarcation is if you are prone to or experiencing the effects of alopecia (genetic hair loss or thinning) or if you just experiencing normal diminished hair. The figure below shows a graphical representation of typical hair loss conditions for men and women who are experiencing a range of hair maladies.

There are three lines you should be aware of in the diagrams above. The first is the red dashed line signifying typical alopecia hair loss. If you are experiencing genetic hair loss (alopecia) please follow this link. The next line is the solid blue / pink lines indicating normal hair loss due in part to decreased metabolic hair production, and finally the gold dashed line shows how using ManeGain can transform you. We call this the ManeGain Effect; it is essentially rolls back time and reverses the causes of hair loss and increase the metabolic production of hair resulting in the growth of the most abundant, luxurious, thickest, strongest hair starting from under the scalp at the roots.

So, looking at the graph, you see that if you are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, and begin the ManeGain Therapy, that over a period of 1 to 2 years you can recover you hair loss (the green line), and then move past just normal hair loss to actually start producing more abundant, richer, fuller hair. Looking at it another way, the broken golden line is the ManeGain Effect of a “delayed response” to normal hair loss. So, if you begin using the ManeGain Therapy say at 35, your hair may not look like it did at 18, but it will look like it did at 25 or more specifically, what “normal” hair would look like at 25 years of age. We like to say we are a time machine for your hair, but in actuality we are just energizing your scalp to produce the maximum, strongest, more robust hair possible. For more detailed information on the ManeGain Effect click the link: The ManeGain Effect Explained.

As an aside, individuals who are experiencing androgenic alopecia (hair loss due to genetic male or female pattern baldness) there is a point of no return. That is a place where the damage done by DHT is too far gone, and more drastic remedies need to be employed as our Therapy cannot offer any corrective results. For these individuals, we recommend hair transplant surgery.