The ManeGain® Hair Grower™ employs technology that rejuvenates and restores your scalp and hair follicles in order for you to look your youngest. ManeGain is committed to regrowing not only your hair, but restoring your youthful look of vitality, vigor, and energy!

The HALO Hair Rejuvenation Therapy™ is a high-technology based treatment comprised of three non-invasive light energies when delivered simultaneously bathes the scalp with a natural cleansing energy which stimulates the  hair follicle cells, enhances blood flow, and minimizes & reverses the causes of gender pattern hair loss or baldness.  In effect, this Therapy produces the following results:

  • Stimulates Hair Growth & Regrowth
  • Decreases Hair Loss
  • Increases Keratin and Cuticle Production
  • Grows Stronger, Thicker Hair
  • The Ability to Grow Longer hair

The ManeGain® Hair Grower technology restores a youthful look of vitality, vigor and energy, without any negative side effects or contraindications. Before we explain how and why our technology has over a 93% success rate in treating Androgenic Alopecia, an understanding of why we loose hair, as well as the shortcomings of drugs and chemicals is important.

Understanding Hair Loss

The main culprit in hair loss is a hormone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone)*, which is produced in both men and women.  In most people that suffer from hair loss, DHT attaches to the cells that creates the hair follicles and signals these cells to stop producing the keratin that makes hair.  DHT also constricts the blood vessels around your hair follicles, which reduces the flow of blood to the hair follicle cells. With less blood flow, the hair follicle cells receive less nourishment; the hair shaft becomes thin, weak, and frail and eventually new hair will cease to be produced.  The follicle cells literally starve from a lack of nourishment.


Why Other Treatments Fail

Although DHT buildup around your hair follicle is destructive, it is a vital hormone for men and women to remain healthy.  Chemicals or drugs such as Rogaine® and Propecia® may lessen the effect of DHT at the hair follicle but are also likely to severely affect DHT levels throughout your body and have other side effects**. Medical studies have documented their numerous negative health effects, including loss of libido and feminizing results for men, and facial growth on women.  Consult all warning labels for a complete list of negative health effects when using any drug or chemical.

What technology is used to solve this problem?

HALO™ is a natural, chemical and drug-free solution that regrows hair.  HALO™ technology consists of three separate technologies that when combined, produce lasting results.  Our technologies are Cool LaserPulse™, SpectraPulse™ and Dyna-Pulse®.  It is the combination of these three technologies that makes HALO™ so effective in combating hair loss and regrowing your hair. Because we are 100% confident in our technology, we back it up by providing the ManeGain Confidence Warranty.

ManeGain® Just Works!

When combined, our three technologies work to regrow, restore, rejuvenate,  and invigorate your hair.  We guarantee it!  The ManeGain®  HALO™ regenerates and rejuvenates your hair follicles to regrow natural, robust, abundant and healthy hair. As a result, you look younger and feel healthier. We call this our Whole Hair Health program.  If you would enjoy a more detailed explanation on the ManeGain Effect™ to follow this link:  Whole Hair Health.

Tell Me How To Regrow My Hair!

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