What is ManeGain™?

Your hair is tired and weakening or even going away, all from your body’s natural body processes.  The cells that make you hair are atrophying; they are loosing their lust for life and the ability to grow robust and healthy hairs.

There is no rule of nature that says this is the way things have to be.  Your hair problem is not a medical condition and you are healthy and fit.  What you have is a genetic propensity to have a hair problem.  You don’t have to accept this fate – it is your choice to accept or reject it.

Because hair growth is a natural process you cannot force it to grow.  Solving the problem with chemicals or surgery is a brute force approach; they only paint over the problem and frequently do so with those proverbial unintended and unpleasant side effects.

There is a purely Natural Way to get new healthy hair to grow in and replace what is happening now, a wholly natural and organic process.  To understand this you have to begin to think like an organic farmer.  A farmer that grows hair.  Be you Man or Woman your goal is to energize your hair-cells to produce great hair; we call this: Whole Hair Health. If your hair is healthy, we keep it fit; if weak, we make it strong; if thin, we make thick; if it is going away, we bring it back; if it is gone, we regrow it.