Welcome to ManeGain!!!

Here is a quick “How to” concerning how to access your free treatments on line.  You should have received an email from admin@manegain.com with the Subject title: Thank you for registering with ManeGain.  If not, please check you spam folder…the email will look like below.  If you cannot find it still, just send an email to jxf@manegain.com and I will make sure you get one.


To access your account and schedule your sessions please do the following steps.

1: Go to www.manegain.com and look in the top right corner for the log in link..hit that link…

2: Enter your email and password from the registration email (you can always change this password to one you can remember later).

3. Look for the “Account Summary” link on the top bar and hit the “My schedule” drop down (btw..if you want to change your password, you can at “Edit account settings” link.

4. You will see a line with 10 unscheduled sessions and the words “Schedule Now.”  Hit the that link…then go to the day(s) you would like to schedule a session and hit the time you want from the drop down menu.  You do not have to schedule all 10 now, but it is recommended.  You can come back and change your schedule at any time.

5. To change a scheduled session just hit that session on the calendar or just slide it to the new date you want.