The Fog of Fear

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Today a rich fog came in over the lake and I reflected on how many times I have had to navigate through fog, both on my boat and in my life.

In both cases, I have found that concentration is the key to getting though; concentration of will and focus, clarity of thought, being the maximum me when needed.

But when I can’t concentrate, when nagging thoughts or fears make noise inside my head, I am at the mercy of the currents both of liquid and of life.  We all have this problem.  It is the profound fear, the deep intangible, unrealized knowledge that the worst will happen; those thoughts are the ones that can stop your life in its tracks.

Deepest of all of these it the profound knowledge that you are changing and everyone can see it, that you are no longer seen for what you know you still are.  When the day arrives that you cannot cover it up anymore, your life as it was ends.

This happens when you lose your hair – but you do not have to be a victim, you can get it back along with your life.  Without the distraction of the thoughts of loss you can find your way through that fog, that’s what ManeGain is for.