Salon U is the Latest to Join the ManeGain Fold

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Austin, TX – May 2, 2011: Lakeway’s most innovative, upscale salon has joined with ManeGain to offer its Whole Hair Health and Regrowth Therapy which naturally treats thinning hair and hair loss. Salon U was founded with the commitment to combining style and artistry to address each client’s unique requirements to rejuvenate and restore their youthful look of vitality and beauty. Salon U makes the sixth high-end salon to offer the ManeGain® Hair Rejuvenation Therapy in the Austin area.

When asked why Salon U was offering the ManeGain Therapy, Scott Finely, Salon U’s co- founder said, “We started Salon U with the ideal that real beauty is created from within and that our artists compliment that inner beauty into a personal fashion statement.  The (ManeGain) Therapy is totally in line with our philosophy of offering an all natural way to restore people’s youthful look in a non-invasive, chemically free way.  We are seeing more men and women who are starting to lose hair, or have thinning hair, and feel there is no effective, non-surgical way to reverse their deteriorating hair issues until now. It is fantastic that this Therapy creates an environment to regrow hair and at the same time puts energy back into the scalp in order to produce stronger, healthier, more abundant hair.”

The ManeGain Station, which looks very much like a  salon hair dryer, combines three types of light energies: Low Level Lasers, Visible Light, and Magnetic Energy.  In combination, these therapies can reverse hair loss and maximize the volume, thickness and strength of hair at its source.  ManeGain’s CEO, Barry Thornton, explains, “The ManeGain Therapy actually reverses the “root” causes of hair loss, or alopecia.  It also can act as sort of time machine and delay, or reverse, normal age-related hair loss by 5 to 25 years in most people.”

Jeffrey Fry, ManeGain Marketing Chief added, “Salon U’s Lakeway location allows us access to a clientele that has discriminating tastes and believes in all natural remedies, but might have found it too far to travel to Austin to obtain the therapy.  Salon U is a perfect fit in that they advocate the same beliefs in creating whole hair health, and coincidentally are located adjacent to a health club.” Mr. Fry went on to say, “Salon U is a great choice because they understand offering people our Therapy not only can reverse hair loss, but create an environment within your scalp that can even prevent the onset of baldness in men and women.”

The ManeGain Station involves no special procedures or protocols.  The technology has been approved by the FDA, and there are no known side effects or contraindications.  ManeGain is so confident of this technology, that they even offer a confidence guarantee to alopecia sufferers that if your hair does not begin to regrow with 12 weeks and you are not completely satisfied, they will refund your money.

For more information about Salon U, contact them at www.salonuaustion.com or call them at (512) 266-4010.

For more information about ManeGain, contact them at www.manegain.com or call at (877) 5-REGROW or email at info@manegain.com.

ManeGain offers a technology for people to regrow their hair naturally without drugs or chemicals.  The company was founded in order to bring the benefits of this revolutionary technology from out of the doctors’ offices to a more mass market.

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