Ricky Hodge and ManeGain Team in Austin

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Austin, TX – January 9, 2012: ManeGain is now offering its cutting edge, natural hair regrowth and restoration therapy in East Austin at Ricky Hodge Salon and continues to grow its cadre of premiere salons offering its HALO Therapy.   HALO is a high-technology, FDA-approved Therapy comprised of three non-invasive light energies that, when delivered simultaneously, stimulates the hair follicle cells, enhances blood flow, and minimizes the causes of gender pattern baldness, naturally reversing thinning hair and hair loss. Essentially, it grows new hair.

 ManeGain’s CEO, Barry Thornton, explains, “The ManeGain HALO Therapy actually reverses the “root” causes of hair loss by bathing the scalp with naturally occurring energies and acts as sort of time machine to reverse normal age-related hair loss between 5 to 20 years in most people.”

 When asked why Ricky Hodge is now offering the ManeGain Therapy, Founder Mr. Hodge commented, “I believe in offering people a one of kind of experience when it comes to style and coloring hair.  I have noticed over the years that many of my best clients are starting to have thinning hair, and as such this really affects how the feel about themselves. Until now, we really did not have an effective way to deal with that.  With ManeGain, we are able to explore a new ground-breaking technology that can actually work to combat hair loss and thinning through an all-natural, non-invasive, chemical-free sessions.  We are excited to be the only salon chosen to offer this Therapy in East Austin.”

 Jeffrey Fry, ManeGain Marketing Chief added, “Ricky (Hodge) is renowned for his ability to transform anyone into a natural looking blonde. This is a one of kind talent and ManeGain is all about offering a one of a kind Therapy to regrow and strengthen people’s hair, while making them feel more confident.” Mr. Fry went on to say, “Ricky Hodge Salon is a great choice because they understand offering people our HALO Therapy not only can reverse hair loss, but give clients more abundant, stronger, thicker, richer hair.  Just like Ricky’s coloring, it is a one-of-a-kind experience!”

 For more info about Ricky Hodge Salon, you can contact them at www.rickyhodgesalon.com  or call them at (512) 322-9819.

For more information about ManeGain, you can contact them at www.manegain.com or call at (877) 5-REGROW or email at info@manegain.com.