Our Service Providers

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We tend to forget that every one of our service providers, call them stylists, hairdressers, or aestheticians, is really a small and probably bootstrapped business.  Each of these folks paid money and went to school for the accreditation required to do this work legally.  They then found a shop where, to grow you need to get your own customers.

Each has all the classic elements of a business:

Each of these folks has a CRM (Customer Relations Management) process.  Each is a Brand.  Each builds the value in that Brand.  Customers express brand-loyalty, they follow a service provider from shop-to-shop in many cases.

The problem is that Service Provider doesn’t know it.  Oh, they know it, they can mouth the words; but they don’t feel it, they don’t live it, they don’t believe it, they don’t drive their brands with passion, design, and intent.

The essence of that last thought is that this is where we can make a difference in all these people’s lives.  This is our lever into their souls (to put it melodramatically).  This is how we can transform them.  This is how we get them to carry our Brand forward.

How do we do this?

We carry a message of how to improve their branding.  We educate in this area that no one teaches about.  We provide little snippets every time we ‘touch’ them, building the same story of perfecting their theater and messaging, their skills and use of marketing in the Experience Economy, their Brand.

Of all the voices they hear, only yours talks to this issue, self-improvement by focusing on their brand.  They are interested and you have no completion in this area.  Thus we step into a vacuum, let’s refine the messages.