New Hair, Naturally

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by Barry Thornton
(originally printed in the November issue of Natural Awakenings Magazine)

The body’s natural processes can make our hair tired and weak, or even cause it to go away. The cells that make our hair are losing their lust for life, along with the ability to grow robust and healthy hairs.

There is no rule of nature that says this is the way things have to be. If individuals are healthy and fit, their hair problem is not a medical condition, but a genetic one. The good news is that we don’t have to accept this fate.

Hair growth is a natural pro- cess — we can’t force it to grow. Solving the problem with chemicals or surgery is a brute force approach; they only paint over the problem and frequently do so with those proverbial unintended and unpleasant side effects.

There is a way to get new healthy hair to grow in and replace what is happening now—and it’s a natural and organic process. To understand, we must think like an organic farmer. Male or female, our goal is to energize our hair cells to produce great hair. So what would an organic farmer do?

First, we need to understand the “crop” that is the individual hairs on our head.

A hair follicle is a cell colony whose sole task is to produce a hair at the rate of about half an inch per month. At the bottom of the follicle is about 1,200 stem cells—each producing a stand of keratin. The rest of the cells add some color, lubricate it, create a sheath around this bundle of strands, and push it out of the scalp to be a hair. The follicle grows a hair for a few years and then takes a break. It shuts down and recuperates for a couple of months, and then it starts up again on a new hair and pushes the old hair out. Individuals naturally shed about 100 hairs a day, which also means about 100 new hairs start each day.

The problem is that a hormone found in both men and women causes some of the stem cells to stop growing too soon. As this process builds each time the hair goes through a growth cycle, it gradually becomes thinner and weaker. Eventually it stops growing altogether. Virtually all hair issues are stages of this process.

Back to our organic farmer; he or she thinks in terms of the purity of the four basic ingredients of life: Energy, Food, Air and Time.


The follicle is in desperate need of a boost from outside energies. The way energy is moved in nature is in the form of photons (what we call light when we see it). Photons excite and stimulate cells, which is why it is so important.

Certain photons are more effective than others. Photons that are synchronized do things together that they could not do alone are called laser photons. The right collection of photons aimed at the hair follicles will reverse the aging process of the follicle and get it to produce new and vibrant hairs.

Food and Air

Making a hair takes a lot of the body’s raw materials. It has to be delivered to the cells by the blood stream, which is why good blood flow in the scalp is mandatory for good hair growth. A healthy diet provides all the necessary basics but getting it to the cells can be an issue. There are natural energies that make the blood flow better at a cellular level. This energy is based on the Earth’s natural magnetic field.


Hair follicles work shifts. When a program is started to bring the hair back, the follicles have to wake up, which usually takes about a month. New, thicker hair is visible in two to three months. Like a farmer, one must be willing to invest some time in the project. Patience is a virtue that yields new hair, strength, confidence and a new you.

A technology that uses the most basic natural process for the respiration of hair cells is ManeGain HALO— a process that delivers energies to the scalp over the right amount of time. The specific energies have each been tuned or optimized for their task. HALO consists of laser photon packets, four selected energy bands of sunlight like photons, a pulsed pure magnetic field, and a computer drive delivery system to get the energy concentrated at all angles on the scalp.

The HALO process is delivered from a machine that looks a bit like a hair dryer hood at select salons and spas. Individuals sit under it for 25-minute sessions to grow new hair naturally.

Barry Thornton is the inventor of the ManeGain Hairgrower, and co-founder of ManeGain. The ManeGain HALO Therapy is available at select spas and salons in the greater Austin area, in addition at select locations in San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. For more information, call 877-5-REGROW, email Info@ManeGain.com or visit ManeGain.com.

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