ManeGain’s PATH to Success in Austin, Texas

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Austin, TX – October 29, 2010: PATH Salon, a distinctive salon in Austin’s chic South Congress area has signed up with ManeGain to offer its patented therapy to treat hair loss and thinning hair.  PATH Salon makes the third exclusive location to offer the ManeGain Hair Rejuvenation Therapy in the last month.

The ManeGain Station, which looks very much like a lady’s salon hair dryer, combines three types of pulsed energies: Low Level Lasers, Visible Light, and Magnetic Energy.  In combination, these therapies remove the underlying cause of hair loss by first knocking the hormones off the affected hair follicles.  Once this is achieved, the therapy then stimulates each hair follicle cell while at the same time increasing blood flow to and from the hair follicles.  Essentially, this therapy creates an environment that allows individuals suffering from hair loss or thinning to regrow their hair naturally.

ManeGain’s CEO, Barry Thornton, explains, “The basic cause of hair loss has been known for some time to be hormones, but no one was sure exactly what was happening on a cellular level.  ManeGain’s research was able to determine exactly the “root” causes of hair loss, and once that discovery was made, we were able to take this treatment and combine it with two other technologies into what is now ManeGain.”

When asked why PATH elected to start offering this service, Ryan Driggers, PATH’s owner went on to say, “PATH was founded with the belief that each person has a personal style and expression of beauty that we are here to help accentuate.  The (ManeGain) Therapy addresses a problem with some of our clients by allowing people to express that style more confidently by naturally regrowing their hair.   It is fantastic that this Therapy is all about using a persons’ own healing potential to regrow hair and that the technology puts energy back into the scalp in order for it to regrow and produce a strong, more healthy hair follicle.”  Mr. Driggers added, “Being in the SoCo neighborhood, people like personal attention, local flair, and a neighborhood feeling. It is great knowing ManeGain is located in Austin, and manufacture their products here as well!”

Jeffrey Fry, ManeGain Marketing Chief added, “I love the fact that PATH (Salon) is all about serving the customer and discovering their own identity and style.  SoCo is known for its artistic flare and style, as well as being a cultural hotbed in using organic, all natural treatments for their daily lives.  PATH Salon and ManeGain both are directly in line with these core beliefs. PATH’s reputation and placement continues ManeGain’s goal to place our Therapy Stations in ten high end salons and spas in Austin within the next 30 days. We are presently recruiting in Houston, and then shortly thereafter in Dallas, Fort Worth and then on to Los Angeles and New York City.”  Mr. Fry went on to say, “PATH is a great choice because they understand how getting a great hair style can be a transformational personal experience and that translates into greater confidence and self image. PATH is one of a handful of unique Salons in Austin, and our Therapy offers a unique, natural way to restore, rejuvenate, and regrow hair.”

The ManeGain Station involves no special procedures or protocols, and clients sit under the unit for 25 minute sessions.  The technology has been approved by the FDA, and there are no known side effects or contraindications.  ManeGain is so confident of this technology, that they even offer a confidence guarantee to alopecia sufferers that if your hair does not begin to regrow and you are not completely satisfied, they will refund your money.

For more information about PATH Salon, you can contact them at www.pathsalon.com or call at (512) 447-PATH (7284).

For more information about ManeGain, you can contact them at www.manegain.com or call at (877) 5-REGROW or email at info@manegain.com.

ManeGain offers a technology for people to regrow their hair naturally without drugs or chemicals.  The company was founded in order to bring the benefits of this revolutionary technology from out of the doctors’ offices to a more mass market.