ManeGain Offers Revolutionary Hair Regrowth Technology at Finley’s Barber Shop

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ManeGain, a cutting edge company that has developed a new, natural hair regrowth and restoration therapy, is pleased to add Finley’s Barber Shop to the cadre of premiere salons and hair institutions offering its ManeGain HALO Therapy.   This FDA-approved Therapy is a high-technology based treatment comprised of three non-invasive light energies that, when delivered simultaneously, stimulates the hair follicle cells, enhances blood flow, and minimizes the causes of gender pattern baldness, naturally reversing thinning hair and hair loss. ManeGain is so confident of this technology that a money back guarantee is offered to customers.

ManeGain’s CEO, Barry Thornton, explains, “The ManeGain HALO Therapy actually reverses the “root” causes of hair loss, or alopecia and grows hair.  It bathes the scalp with naturally occurring energies and acts as sort of time machine to reverse normal age-related hair loss between 5 to 20 years in most people.  We started ManeGain thinking that this would be something gentlemen would be very interested in.”

When asked why Finley’s Barber Shop was offering the ManeGain Therapy, Founder Scott Finley stated, “Finley’s caters to men and making men feel and look good with a one-of-a-kind experience. We know that as men start to lose hair, or have thinning hair, their self-esteem can be impacted. With ManeGain, we are able to explore a new ground-breaking technology that can actually work to combat hair loss through an all-natural, non-invasive, chemical-free sessions.  We are excited to be one of the first to offer the ManeGain system to our customers at our Westlake location in the Austin, Texas area.”

Jeffrey Fry, ManeGain Marketing Chief added, “While we have been very successful in high end salons and spas, sometimes gentlemen want a “male-centric” establishment when dealing with such a touchy subject like hair loss. Finley’s brings the great old world charm of straight razor shaves with some ultra-modern services for men which makes this a perfect fit.  We are both interested in making people (men) feel more confident by looking good.” Mr. Fry went on to say, “Finley’s is a great choice because they understand offering people our HALO Therapy not only can reverse hair loss, but create an environment that can even prevent the onset of alopecia (balding) in men.  It is a one-of-a-kind experience!”

For more information about Finley’s Barbershop in Westlake, you can contact them at www.finleysformen.com  or call them at (512) 520-8326.