ManeGain Expands To San Antonio

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San Antonio & Austin, TX – November 23, 2011: ManeGain has expanded its operations outside of Austin, Texas and is now growing hair in San Antonio, Texas with the addition of AMAR Cosmetics to its growing list of locations.

Deborah Schneider, owner of AMAR Cosmetics, explains why she added the ManeGain HairGrower to her product offerings: “I have been offering ultra exclusive cosmetics and skin care products since 2008, and we tend to service a very discerning clientele that is generally between 35 and 60 years of age, exactly the clientele that is often looking to preserve or restore the youthful appearance of their aging hairline.  AMAR Cosmetics has many beauty products that can only be purchased in one or two other stores in San Antonio, or in the case of the ManeGain, ONLY at AMAR Cosmetics,” said Mrs. Schneider.

Mrs. Schneider added, “For the last year or so, we have been expanding AMAR’s services, and ManeGain fits right in perfectly.  Earlier this year we added Aesthetician Services with Mrs. Cynthia Sandoval, and more recently our 2nd aesthetician, Mrs. Elena Kate Fletcher.  Last month we added celebrity hairstylist Giacomo Forbes. Since Mr. Forbes is also the Director of Training and Education for ManeGain, the addition of ManeGain simply made sense.  The exciting part is, after only two months in service at our store, several of our long-time clients are already extolling the benefits of ManeGain with their own hair. I started off skeptical, but when my important clients start to tell me it is working, I know I have added something of value to our product and service line-up.”

The ManeGain HairGrower, which looks very much like a salon hair dryer, bathes the scalp and hair with three types of light energies: Low Level Lasers, Visible Light, and Magnetic Energy.  In combination, these therapies maximize hair volume, thickness, and strength at its source and even reverse hair loss.  ManeGain’s CEO, Barry Thornton, explains, “The ManeGain Therapy actually reverses the “root” causes of hair loss, or alopecia.  It bathes the scalp with naturally occurring energies and acts as sort of time machine to reverse normal age-related hair loss between 5 to 20 years in most people.”

Jeffrey Fry, ManeGain Marketing Chief added, “In the world of hair, beauty, and fashion, there are some locations and salons that cater to an elite, ultra sophisticated, and discriminating clientele.  These customers demand the most exclusive products and services available. We have found that being able to offer our differentiated product to these locales under a new model headed my Giacomo Forbes is a great way to extend our unique service these affluent customers.  AMAR is a perfect location to try our new services program, and so far, it has perform beyond expectations.”

The ManeGain HALO Therapy involves no special procedures.  The technology has been approved by the FDA, and there are no known side effects or contraindications.

For more info about AMAR Cosmetics, you can contact them at www.amarcosmetics.com or call them at (210) 822-5777.

For more information about ManeGain, you can contact them at www.manegain.com or call at (877) 5-REGROW or email at info@manegain.com.

ManeGain offers an energizing therapy to naturally stop hair loss and restore hair without drugs or chemicals.  The company was founded to not only regrow hair but restore people’s confidence and bring the benefits of this revolutionary technology from out of the medical practitioners’ and to into the mainstream.