ManeGain Appoints Area Director for Austin

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ManeGain Appoints Area Director for Austin

Austin, TX 10/14/10 — ManeGain, the developer of an all new Natural Hair Regrowth Technology for high end hair salons and spas, has appointed Heather Davis as its Area Director for Austin.

“Ms. Davis brings over 12 years of sales and market development” stated Jeffrey Fry, VP of Sales and Marketing at ManeGain.  He goes on to say, “She has a unique ability to deal with salon and spa management as well as  individuals undergoing this revolutionary treatment.   Losing your hair is a very personal situation, and takes someone with a great sense of decorum and grace to make clients comfortable during this transformational experience.”

The ManeGain Hair Rejuvenation Station looks very much like a lady’s hair dryer and uses three technologies to correct the underlying causes of hair loss and baldness. One point of interest is that the Stations are actually made in Austin, Texas, and until now this service could only be acquired through a surgeon or doctor.

While the technology is painless and does not require any drugs, chemicals, or topicals, it does take several months before you see noticeable results of hair regrowth.  Still, the company is so confident about its approach that it offers a “Confidence Guarantee” which gives clients their money back if they do not see visible hair regrowth within 12 weeks.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to directly help people regain their confidence by the restoration of their naturally growing hair,” states Ms. Davis.  “I have worked for a number of companies, but none who are so passionate about making a difference in peoples’ lives.” She adds, “It is important that clients realize  I am here for them during their transformational journey.  It is that personal touch that makes the difference, and that is what really attracted me to ManeGain.”

Barry Thornton, ManeGain’s CEO, adds, “ManeGain will have 10 facilities offering our Therapy here in the Austin area, then we are planning on expanding to Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and on to Los Angeles and New York.  This is an exciting service and it offers an all natural way for people to confidently regrow their hair without drugs, chemicals, oils, crèmes, or surgery.”

For more information about ManeGain, you can contact them at www.manegain.com or call at (877) 5-REGROW or email at info@manegain.com.

ManeGain offers a technology for people to regrow their hair naturally without drugs or chemicals.  The company was founded in order to bring the benefits of this revolutionary technology to a more mass market and out of the doctors’ offices.

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