Lost Confidence?

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“One who has lost confidence can lose nothing more.”
    Pierre-Claude-Victor Boiste  1765-1824  French Lexicographer

Fundamental to our confidence is what we know other people see and judge us by.  Much of our confidence is projected to others, some of comes back to re-energize us; we see this as the reaction of those we meet.  Our survival is as a social creature is determined by how we impress people; how we project into them an image that is more that just what they see but something that is vibrant, that they can feel.  Something that will move them.  Loosing this ability means loosing ourselves.

The first thing someone knows about us is from our hair.  Our cloths mean nothing but a working credit card, yet our hair speaks volumes about us, who we are, our health, and our possibilities.  Our hair is all about our confidence. Lose it and what else is there?