Laser hair restoration and hair growth therapy

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While this is a competitive product, and this video is someone old, it does show some of the benefits of low level laser light therapy. ManeGain has discovered how to add to the benefits with visible light and magnet pulse. Actually, the lasers know the DHT off the hair follicle cells (something incorrectly mentioned in this video).

It’s the newest and most advanced hair loss treatment for men and women, but we’re not talking about a pill or a shampoo. It’s a low-level laser that stops hair loss, and in many cases even stimulates new hair growth. NY1 Health Reporter Itay Hod has the story.

Joe Souza is looking forward to having a bad hair day. He started losing his hair at age 20, and since then he’s done just about everything to try and get it back.

“There was a product from Helsinki that I tried, it was this special shampoo. I ordered something else a few years ago that I saw on an infomercial that had a vibrating brush and DHT blockers that you would ingest, and I’ve been a client of different companies that actually use hair pieces,” says Souza.

But recently he stumbled upon an ad for a new hair replacement treatment, and decide to give it one last chance. It worked.

“The back of my head where the bald spot had peach fuzz left, that peach fuzz has now turned into real hair,” says Souza.

Overall, his hair density has gone up more than 60 percent, all that in less than two months.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, two out of three men – that’s close to 40 million men – and 20 million women develop some form of balding. Hair loss occurs when follicles lose the battle to Dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT, which causes follicles to sprout shorter and finer hairs before eventually dying out.

The way the machine works is it’s got 30 laser diodes that rotate evenly around your head. Experts say that increases blood flow to your scalp, hopefully opening up all those hair follicles that have been closed throughout the years.

“Think about the ability to put a rain cloud on a parched field. The laser device stimulates the blood flow and increases the blood flow by 55 percent, which effectively — again, the rain cloud analogy – brings health and moisture and nutrients to the bottom of that hair follicle,” says Christopher Plunkett of Hair Solutions of New York.

This treatment, however, is by no means quick or cheap. The process takes about a year; 29 visits of 15-minute sessions each. The price tag is anywhere from $$3,500 to $$3,800.

According to clinical studies done in Europe, the use of soft laser light stops progression of hair loss in 85 percent of patients, and encourage hair growth in almost 60 percent.

Although the treatment has been approved by the FDA, it may not work for everyone. But for those who’ve seen visible results, this new Laser Light therapy is a hair-raising experience.