Below is a listing of videos that explain some of the high level items regarding ManeGain’s public offering concerning strategy, personnel, and marketing.  Note: There are forward looking statements in some of the videos that investors should be aware and cautious about. Click on pictures below to play video.

ManeGain Investor video gives our strategy and overview. ManeGain’s CEO & President, Jeffrey Fry, narrates what ManeGain is and what the company is trying to accomplish with its Regulation A+ filing.
A very short video describing what the opportunity is for investors and how ManeGain delivers on it.
Our President, Jeffrey Fry, gives some insight to our strategy and what we want to do with the funds from the Reg A+ Stock offer in this video.
Jeffrey Fry, gives some additional information on profits, growth, exit strategy, and investor risk versus rewards.
This video describes the basics of what ManeGain is and what it does in regards to regrowing and rejuvenating hair in a narrative format.