Welcome To The New World

It is about making you money. Our strategy is to grow the company to be profitable; and as such, be attractive as a takeover target, with a substantial appreciation in the company’s valuation. Invest now and share the rewards.

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All the knowledge is here on this page using links on the left and below. This is a decision you can make for the good of you and your family.

It is simple: you buy the stock at $5/share. ManeGain grows to 50 to 60 locations, with $20MM in profits.  We get sold for 20X to 40X ($50 to $100 per share/ ($220MM to $440MM valuation)), you make money.

Because we are in the business of beauty, style and image; focused on women and fashion. These tend to be great investments in the long run.

You could lose your investment, but you can do the same on the stock market. The benefit is that you can get returns that only the insiders (VCs, Investment Banks, Angels, etc.) used to get.  So, same risk, higher returns.

Click the button below. Everything is handled by FundAmerica: Escrow, Stock Transfer, and Background Checks.  All in accordance with SEC and FINRA rules and regs.