How can ManeGain™ Help Me?

ManeGain’s patented HALO Therapy stops, prevents, and reverses hair loss and the ravages of time on your hair. If your hair is healthy, we keep it fit; if weak, we make it strong; if thin, we make thick; if it is going away, we bring it back; if it is gone, we regrow it.

Watch the video to see how ManeGain can help you!!!

Restoring Your Confidence is Our Business

Restoring your confidence is OUR Business! So we back up your confidence with our own CONFIDENCE WARRANTY

For men & women who are experiencing hair loss due to androgenic alopecia, we are so confident that the HALO Hair Therapy will regrow your own natural hair we put our promise in writing!  Yep, a 100% satisfaction guaranty that you will stop hair loss and  see new hair growth within 12 weeks!