Freedom is Another Word for….

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What is the best possible gift you can give to someone you are caring of?

How does Freedom sound?

‘No one is free who is not master of themselves”

We personally are the greatest constrainer of our internal freedom, when we are fearful, we are not free for the demons inside us limit who we are.

The biggest demon is who we see ourselves as, what others see us as, that demon keeps us locked up inside in fear and shame.  Your hair is that demon if you let it be.  Failing hair is a sign of failing life, it is right out there for everyone to see, it is an admission of not being in control.

If you love someone, profoundly care about them, you want them to be as free as possible to be themselves.  Failing hair caps that freedom.  It makes people less than they can be, to themselves and to you.

The greatest gift you can give to your loved one is to stop their hair failing, to take away that demon.  You can do this, you can give your loved one back their life and thus enjoy both your lives together without having to cower inside but open up to the free world around you.  Take back that freedom; let us help you get hair and life back.