Confidence, What is It?

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Confidence – a wonderful word.  I mean that, a word filled with wonder.  Personal power is rooted in personal confidence, to believe in yourself is to be strong and in control, as F. W.  Robertson said; “Doubt cramps energy, Belief is power.”

One of the most profound doubts is our personal glamour, our ability to influence others at a distance by our looks (glamour is basically the ability to seduce others at a distance, to project ‘us’ to ‘them’).

We all know, deep down inside ourselves, that our hair is the most important projection at a distance we can make.  Even more, once it succeeds and we get close, if what someone sees close does not match what they saw at a distance, the spell is broken and lost.

The reality of having good hair is that is makes and maintains the spell allowing us, the “who” we are inside, to come out.  Bad hair, especially close up, distracts and speaks of deception; people can’t see who we are because they are confused by the change in perception. As they got close it all changed, we changed, all before we could reach out to show the real us.

Your hair is the proscenium of your soul defining the stage you launch yourself from; it’s all in the hair.

As James Brown said: “Hair is the first thing and teeth the second.  You got those two things and you got it all.”

A dentist will fix your teeth; ManeGain will fix your hair.

–Barry Thornton