Michael Schwartz

As a young boy, Michael had an extensive model train collection that, well, always ran on time and as such he picked up the nickname the Duce (he thinks it mean #2, but we cannot bear to tell him the truth).  Since he feels that he “keeps the trains running on time” we put him in charge of operations.

Michael spent a great deal of time in Australia where he became expert in doing English translations, throwing a boomerang, and saying ‘crikey’.   He also  started the Dingo Racing  Association Team and formed the Kinder World for Kangaroos to care for wayward joeys. A master dart player and River Dance Dancer, he is presently motivated to become the first blindfolded chess champion of Texas.  He also enjoys outdoor activities including mountain biking, running, long hikes and fishing, but not all at the same time.

Hey, at least all our trains are on time.