Jeffrey Fry

Jeffrey laughs a lot, so we put him in charge of marketing…and he talks way too much, so sales seemed appropriate too.  Yes, he has had some great accomplishments, like building a hover craft out of straws, starting a few companies, having the world record of launching the most simultaneous model rockets (this is true!), and overseeing the international ant wrestling federation.

Known to be a social gadfly, which means he likes partying and not working too hard, he can always be found in more than one place than at any given time.  Comes in handy during boring meetings.   A clutch dart player, he has totally earned the moniker “Ice Man” for the frigid nature of his nerves.

One of Jeffrey’s grandfather’s was a professional major league baseball player and the other was a world renowned nuclear physicist, so he is either a really smart want-to-be jock, or a super athletic nerd….yes, he cannot figure it out either.

Basically, Jeffrey comes up with all these great ideas on how to make and keep customers happy, so we keep him around and told him to run the place. And because he attended military school for 7 years, we decided he was the best candidate to lead the company as CEO and President.