Barry Thornton

Also known as the giant floating head, Barry is often mistaken as Santa Clause by young children and confused people in general.  It is horrible when he has to tell them that no, he is not Santa, but plays him on TV!  While not being mistaken for Santa, Barry spends a great deal of time sailing, and being a skipper, so we thought it would be a good idea to make him Chairman, um, Commodore (he loves it when we call  him Commodore).

Barry’s father was an esteemed Judge, so sometimes in meetings when you disagree with him, he takes out his gavel and says ‘guilty!’  He is an awesome tinkerer and is the godfather of “virtualization.’   Which means you can seem like you have a computer, but you actually do not. It is in “the cloud.”  It is sort of like magic…and comes in handy with his Santa Claus personae.  His favorite phrase is: “I reject your reality and substitute  it  with my own!” Basically he is this mad genius and we are just glad he is on our side!