We are a small start up in the beauty and fashion industry in the process of taking our stock public. And we need some help!

Under the JOBSAct of 2012 we have become one of the first companies in Texas and the first in Austin to file for a Regulation A Stock qualification. What this means is that we can sell SEC Certified stock directly to the unaccredited public with going through Investment Banks, Brokerage Houses, or Venture Capitalists.  In essence let regular people experience the huge gains in stock prices that were traditionally reserved for the privileged few.  Essentially, this is the new-new in fund raising for startups!!  Think the long-tail for stock owner, like a Kickstarter but better and with ownership.  This has only been a law for a year and half (Spring 2015) and we know more about than anyone in the area because we are the first to do it.

So what do we need?  First and foremost we require individuals who like to do research in earnest.  We need a few people who can help us to identify people who are part of tribes who would want to invest in our endeavor, like bloggers, salon owners, investment clubs, podcasters etc. There is no selling involved, only the company that, it’s part of the law. Only research and investigation and it is all done by through the web. There is compensation for your work with a possible full time position in maintaining our Investor Relations depending on the quality of your work.

What you will gain is compensation, a thorough knowledge of Regulation A rules and ways, you will witness how all this works (both the company and investors) and how to look for people who are likely to be interested.  This is experience you can sell to any company doing Reg A because no one knows how to do it yet.  This whole thing is in the discovery phase of becoming an industry. Because we are learning by doing we may start a company to help other companies to do this, you will be in on the ground floor for that, start you own consultancy or join ours, it will be your call.

Please reply with a short explanation of your background and motivations, an email and telephone number where we can reach you, a good time to contact you, and any thoughts or questions you would like to put forth.

Please send to:

Barry Thornton, Chairman, ManeGain, Inc at or;

Jeffrey Fry, CEO/President, ManeGain, Inc at

Thank you for your time and consideration.