A Public Mea Culpa

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It finally happened!

For the first time since we (ManeGain) started, with two years now of testing in our salons and with customers, we had our first failure. Today, I sent out our first Warranty Refund Check. We failed a customer; we failed to transform her life.

While we know our efficacy rate mathematically should be above 95% and we screen carefully to make sure that the Therapy will work for you, we knew it had to happen eventually…and after 50 individuals…it did.

Our success is dependent on setting and fulfilling YOUR expectations. Restoring hair is such a profound life-changer and we assume a great responsibility when we set those expectations in you. This process is transformational because we do just that; we transform you to a newer more confident and secure YOU.

Failure sucks! The only joy I have in this is that we did what we said we would do. Had it been practical, I would have taken the check there myself and apologized for setting hopes and not delivering on the promise of have “New Hair.” But that is why we have a guarantee! We know most of the time you will see your hair return, and while we make our best analysis, the fact is we are each unique physical and mental critters, with enough range of variation to be healthy humans where someone will not get their hair to grow back.

On the other hand, with all this success we have seen, having only one failure makes it worth it. Thank you.

Barry Thornton